Thursday, 5 July 2012

My Sussex Local Monthly Article - CPZ (Car Parking zone)

West Sussex Council  (WSCC) are currently consulting on a car parking zone for Arundel,   What is a car parking zone and why have many of you not received a questionnaire?.

Civil Parking enforcement was taken over  from Sussex Police two years ago by WSCC and because Arun District Council had the responsibility of the off street car parks, WSCC asked Arun to manage the new on street responsibilities.  So this is why you see Arun staff policing the on street parking enforcement,  but the ultimately the responsibility for this function is West Sussex County Council’s.

When CPE came in there were already car parking restrictions in place although in reality in Arundel they have been dormant for 10 years because Sussex Police had withdrawn car parking wardens

In Consultation with Arun two years ago it was decided that the old restrictions would be enforced with a few tweaks and this is the system that is now in place.  It was decided also that the three main towns of the District Littlehampton, Bognor Regis and Arundel  should be considered for a  CPZ (Car Parking zone) but only if local residents wanted it and the restrictions should be decided by residents and Business’s affected.

WSCC proposed that the old town east of the river should be the CPZ, they consulted myself and I asked that the area off Ford road should be included as well and that a number of civic and community groups that should be included,   The questionnaires were then issued to all residents and business’s in the proposed area of the CPZ.

In the town meeting on the 01st of May several residents thought that the questionnaire was slanted in favour of residents parking scheme, also town councillors thought that the entire town should have been consulted and not just the residents within the zone. 

I can assure all residents that this is purely a consultation exercise by West Sussex Council, there is no pre-determination on any options, but as one of your District Councillor’s I will act as your advocate and try and reflect all your views.

The Consultation may recommend that the current status quo is maintained,   but the important thing is that those who have received the questionnaire should fill it in and return it to the address provided.   Until next month I wish you an enjoyable Jubilee celebration -   www.pauldendle.com

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