Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My November Sussex local article

Arundel's Street entertainment

I seem to have put the cat among the pigeons in my article last month, I mentioned the conflicting pressures of the jubilee stage at the Arundel Festival and the fact that one person seemed to be dictating the future of the stage to the detriment of the rest of the community.  I thought I was balanced and by not mentioning the complainer or the building where the complainer lived.   Patricia Warren has written to me asking me to make two corrections to my article, so for the sake of fairness and balance I want to make two things clear.  Firstly I said that 1 week out of 52 weeks was not a great sacrifice, Patricia wants me to point out that the festival is for 11 days.   Also that the stage exceeded the noise limit on multiple occasions.  I am happy to make these corrections, but I still think that the community has to work together to find a fair and equitable solution to noise from the stage, I also know that the majority of residents of Marlet's Court have written expressing their support of the stage and the festival.  I believe a survey could be useful to measure public opinion and I will put one on my web site www.pauldendle.org 

The Leisure Strategy as mentioned in my previous article has been consulted on and is to be discussed by Arun’s Cabinet, there are implications for leisure provision across the District and there are proposals for Arundel as well as Littlehampton and Bognor Regis.  One proposal which is making residents of Littlehampton hot under the collar is the possible closure of the Windmill Theatre and the closure of the Littlehampton Sports and Swimming Centre.   It could result in a new Swimming and Leisure centre being built at a cost of £14.5 million at either the existing site or at the Littlehampton Academy.

The Windmill theatre has a number of challenges to overcome, Inspire Leisure the not for profit charitable trust who runs it, has not invested in digital technology which is needed to show films from December onwards as all distributed films from then onwards will be digital, also the building needs maintenance costs of £180,000 spent on it for the next 5 years.  There are no easy answers, but the status quo on how the theatre is currently run is not an option and there will have to be some innovative solutions to save the theatre. Also in the report are proposals to build a Multiplex Cinema at the St Martin’s car park in the centre of Littlehampton, all exciting stuff, but very unsettling for some residents of Arun.

Arundel Conservatives are holding a Christmas Dinner on the 7th* of December at the Swan in Arundel, the cost is £25 pp for a 2 course meal with a welcome glass of sparkling wine,  you don’t have to be a member and everyone who wants to hear Nick Herbert MP speak is welcome to book.  Please email   Bruceghenderson@gmail.com or telephone 01903 882928.  Alternatively you can email me at Pauldendle@aol.com  putting Xmas dinner in the subject. To keep up to date on Arundel issues please go to my web site www.pauldendle.org

*There was an error in the printed version of Sussex local where it states the 15th of December when in fact it is the 7th

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