Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Cabinet system and my responsibilities as Cabinet member for the Environment

The Cabinet system was introduced by the previous government,  Arun currently has 56 councillors, of those there is a Cabinet with 7 members.  The Cabinet includes the Leader, the Deputy leader and five other members.  The Cabinet Member has a list of responsibilities in their portfolio and they act as the political voice for those responsibilities and should be well versed and in the command of their portfolio.

Officers take a steer from the Cabinet member, but ultimately all decisions have to be agreed by the various committee's and ultimately by the Full Council.

I love being a Cabinet member as it allows me to be fully involved in any issue and allows me to suggest innovative ways forward, I can make individual cabinet member decisions and  make a difference.

Tourism, one of my Cabinet responsibilities.
My Cabinet Portfolio responsibilities are

Land Charges
Environmental Health
Car Parking and Car Parks
Leisure Management including Leisure Centres
Parks and Greenspace
Emergency Planning
Children, Young People ^& Safeguarding
Youth Council
Leisure Strategy
Engineering (Including flood defences)
Day Centres
Voluntary Sector

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