Thursday, 28 August 2014

Tourism & Regeneration

As Cabinet Member for Leisure and Amenities one of my key responsibilities is Tourism,  30 years ago I started Avro Plc which was fore runner to the non frills carriers, we sold cheap seats to the masses sending people abroad on cheap flight only deals, one of our biggest sellers was Alicante and we had 20 aircraft at Alicante airport on some nights.
Littlehampton Flood works & Pier Road works.

So it is interesting to see the renaissance of our coastal towns and a return to young families to a traditional seaside holiday, young parents want to give their children a traditional holiday, but also want to see quality and value for money,  
That's why I feel it's so important to regenerate Littlehampton and Bognor Regis, Butlins have built four new hotels on their Bognor site which are attracting a more upmarket clientele and the new public realms works in London road with new pavements, trees and cafe type atmosphere are helping to change the image of  Bognor Regis.(This was delivered despite fierce negative opposition from Bognor Regis Civic Society and certain UKIP & Lib Dem County Councillors )

Littlehampton is having £13M+ spent on new flood defences, part of that project will be an area beside the river in Pier road which will be for alfresco dining, so you will be able to eat fish and chips overlooking the river and have a glass of cold white wine at the same time.

Surly this is the way to change the perception of our towns, we have the most successful richest city in the world only 60 miles away and there are plenty of people who will come and spend money in our towns if they provide what they want.

Bognor Regis London Road
Paving & trees are new.
Unfortunately we have had to fight every inch of the way to do this because some residents can not see the vision of what can be achieved, what I find most frustrating as a businessman and Councillor is having to fight for the bleeding obvious, but that's democracy, an imperfect system, but the best we have, maybe we should ask our younger residents what they want and they will vote with their feet, this is the way forward and hopefully mine and my colleagues vision for a brighter tourist economy for the benefit of all the residents of our district.  
London Road as a work in progress.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Lamp Posts in Arundel

Arundel Lamp posts at threat?.
WSussex CountyCouncil have confirmed to a resident that they arn't touching any of the lamp posts in MaltraversStreet, London Road and the castle walls and most of the High Street. I am awaiting an email update on what is actually planned, they also said that they usually put on a  road show with details plans but were aware of the sensitivities in Arundel (What ever that means). There was a meeting Wednesday between WSCC,SSE(the Contractor)and Arundel Town Council.I know from correspondence that there is considerable concern at WSCC proposals and I will lobby to get a common sense  solution.I personally believe that Re-engineering the existing lamp  posts is not beyond a possibility and would    give energy saving as well as preserving the character ofthe town; this is something I am lobbying for them to do,

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Support an Offline Bypass
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Option A Pink blue route for Arundel By-Pass