Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Speak up if you support the By-Pass

Clogged A27 Arundel the current situation.
There is now a real prospect that the Chancellor will include an Arundel by-pass in his autumn statement in early December.  I understand that it is down to two options, either the pink blue route which goes south of Arundel from Crossbush crossing the railway line and river and going through the gap between Tortington Manor and priory lane   and then crossing through the recently planted conifer on Tortington common joining up to where the dual carriageway currently ends. The other route would avoid Tortington Common, but cut through Binstead and Walberton  (I don’t support this).

Since being elected as a Councillor in 2003 I have campaigned for a by-pass using the pink blue route, in fact in each of my election manifests I have included campaigning for an Arundel By-pass using the pink blue route, so I believe I have a mandate to campaign for this and I have community support.

The meeting organised by SCATE at the Arundel Town Hall was packed with many people not being able to gain access, there were supporters and opponents.   I have an issue with SCATE as I believe they are a Trojan horse for a wider anti road agenda by green groups.  This can be evidenced by the fact that they had Chris Todd who wrote the report about their meeting on their web a well-known Sussex green supporter, Chair of the Brighton & Hove and Lewes Downs Biosphere Partnership and Tony Whitbread from the Sussex Wildlife Trust who also was involved.

I believe there has to be a debate about the by-pass, I also believe across the Arundel & Walberton ward that there is a large majority for the by-pass, but I think the green groups are mostly not local and not representative and they should allow locals to come to their own conclusions without scaring residents with half-truths.

Tortington Common is not ancient woodland, 80% of the traffic using Arundel is not local, the design of the by-pass has not been decided and there will be a full public enquiry and full public consultation on any final decision to build.

We have the Lyminster by-pass being started in 2017 and 1750 houses being built in north Littlehampton, all this will feed into Crossbush increasing road pressure, also there is going to be built an A29 relief road from Bognor to Fontwell which will feed from the other end.  Standing still is not an option, I support new cycleways, The Arundel Chord rail link to the east, and I have campaigned for a free car park at Ford Station and a cycle way from Arundel to Ford.

But we need the By-Pass and if you support this as I think the silent majority do, then please make your views known, write to the Department of Transport, write to the press and attend meetings.

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Paul Dendle is Arundel Ward & Cabinet member for Leisure Services on Arun District Council  email: pauldendle@aol.com  web site: www.pauldendle.org

Monday, 6 October 2014

Not Local Not Representative Objectors to Arundel By-Pass

Newbury By-Pass was controversial
but now accepted.
I seem to have upset a few people on my last post regarding SCATE being a Trojan horse for Environmental groups

I was elected  three times as a District Councillor for Arundel since 2003, I was elected on a mandate of campaigning for an Arundel By-Pass using the Pink Blue route, since 2003 in all the numerous meetings involving local councils, Officers, Councillors MP's and Ministers I have rarely heard a dissenting voice for provision of a By-Pass for Arundel.

I apologise for using the quote that I used in the previous blog, I also apologise to Kay & other campaigners if I have caused offence The quote at the beginning of the blog was valid, I just wish now I had not attributed to the person who uttered the words as that has become the story in many peoples minds,

I was not invited to Mondays SCATE meeting,  why is that?  I know they invited our MP Nick Herbert, but to hold a meeting in the same week as the Conservative Conference and expect Nick to attend is either very naive or quite calculated. I regret not being able to attend, I was in London that day and then I was attending an event at the Castle for Arundel.org,  I did try to get in for the first 30 minutes but saw the numbers outside the Town Hall and proceeded on to the meeting at the Castle

What people don't realise when they are weighing up the pluses and minuses' of an Arundel By-Pass is that North Littlehampton Development will be starting in the next year or so with 1750 houses, commercial development, hotels, leisure facilities, new road linking Crossbush with bridge over railway and the lyminster bypass,

All that will feed into the Crossbush junction and be complete by 2020.  The SCATE campaigners have not given any way to alleviate the extra traffic that will come into the Crossbush junction,  this is not hypothetical, this is going to happen, so what does SCATE say to the extra traffic that will come?

I maintain that there is a concerted campaign to mislead, SCATE are using selective quotes. On their web site from the SoCoMMS Report ,they published all (or at least most) of the SoCoMMS chapters on their site.
The missing one is the Arundel chapter – that’s because SoCoMMS recommended an A27 Bypass at Arundel on the pink/blue route! The latter recommendation is being avoided to create a false impression

the pink blue route does not go through ancient woodland another false fact put around by anti By-Pass protesters, it will be of the highest environmental design and will be fully consulted on by Department of Transport if there is an announcement in the Autumn statement, so there are balances and checks before any final decision is made, but If we do not build a bypass then the extra economic activity locally will strangle our existing infrastructure creating grid lock.
Anti Newbury Bypass protesters,
now accepted locally.

I want an open and transparent debate by locals, not by self appointed defenders of the environment from anti road green groups,   

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Bending the truth - what Green groups want you to think - The A27 Arundel By-Pass

There is a famous quote
A27 chaos caused by lack of a by-pass.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it".

The meeting arranged by the Arundel branch of SCATE  (South Coast alliance for Transport and the Environment a pan Sussex organisation with links to various green activists ) was full and many locals could not gain access, a good proportion of the people who did were not local.

I have been asked to make clear by Kay Wagland that this was arranged by the Arundel Branch of Skate, but I see SKATE as a Trojan horse for the Green party and it's efforts to stop a by-pass at any cost.

But we have been here before, in 1992 the bypass was weeks from being built and was stopped in it's tracks by environmental groups, then again in 2003 Swampy was up a tree and Alister Darling used the environment as an excuse to stop the by-pass then.  The greens all disappeared back to where they came from, as most of them are not local and are not representative leaving us locals to deal with the consequences, eg traffic pollution, traffic jams, rat running vehicles, economic stagnation and worries about whether our ambulances can get us to hospital in time.. 

We are now in 2014 and there is a real chance that the long suffering folk of Arundel and the surrounding villages will get their by-pass, but again the Greens are mustering their campaign purporting to be a groundswell of local support.

In my previous article in Sussex Local I attacked their motives, most of the traffic is not local as they purport, they are using spurious scare stories that the bypass will be an eyesore on stilts, what poppycock, if they did that the cost would be astronomical. Also they say we should be looking at other solutions,  I believe we should be encouraging more cycling, better public bus transport, better rail links, free parking at stations and encouraging children to walk to school, but I also think we need a by-pass.

Locals have come to me as local Councillor and elected representative complaining that they were not allowed in to the meeting due to the number of people who wanted to attend, many of the Green activists were already ensconced and had seats, leaving many people who want the By-Pass to be left outside,

I still maintain that 95% of the population of my ward are for the bypass, the problem is that the Greens are very good at puffing up their image and making false statements.

I am angry that these people are not local and are not representative, yes we want a debate, but we want that debate with locals not Greens telling what we should think and how we should live.

I had one email against the by-pass complaining that I should not be supporting a By-pass, I had to point out that I have been elected 3 times on that promise of campaigning for a A27 By-pass using the Pink Blue route, I was elected these people were not.

Do not let these people tell you what to think, get the facts and come to your own conclusions, but be careful of the false information being circulated by them. Please make your views known, lets get a huge noise in support of the by-pass and send the greens packing.

By the way the quote at the beginning of the article was by Joseph Goebbels

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