Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2015 Year of decision

Elections for Town, District and a General election.
In May 2015 there will be a General Election, elections for Arundel Town Council and District elections for Arun District Council.

I have stood as a Councillor since 2003 and in my election material in 2011

I pledged to support flood protection and this will be achieved in 2019 with the governments announcement of support for the LTRAS flood defences for Arundel,

I pledged to campaign for traffic calming in Pearson road, Canada Road and Jarvis Road, this will be achieved later in 2015 with two 20Mph zones one in the new town and one in the old town,

I pledged to campaign for an Arundel By Pass using the pink blue route and the government has pledged £250M for an off-line solution using the DOT's proffered route (Pink Blue route)

I also pledged to campaign for a cycle path from Arundel to Ford Station and this is a work in progress, and I hope we can get the money to provide this,

I pledged to continue with a weekly refuse collection, this was achieved and we will continue with that.

The one failure is a HGV ban on Ford road, but if the By-pass goes ahead then Ford Road will become a dead end and create a peaceful enclave of most of the New Town, so I ask that if you think I have done a good job then vote for me in May 2015, if you don't think I have done a good job then you have to consider voting for an alternative candidate,

I know not everyone agree's with my views, but hopefully you can respect my work ethic and my commitment to Arundel and the surrounding villages, democracy is a wonderful thing and we should celebrate that we can make a free choice,

I am green by instinct, but also commercially minded, hopefully something you will  & can support.

Until next month

Paul Dendle is Arundel Ward & Cabinet Member on Arun District Council. His web site is www.pauldendle.org and his email is pauldendle@aol.com

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