Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Council Tax - Reasons to vote Conservative

Labour Parliamentary ASD Candidate Christopher Wellbelove
was a Councillor on Lambeth Council.
The UK's average council tax paid per dwelling under labour rose from £564 in 1997-98 to £1,195 in 2010-11, an increase of 112 per cent. When measured as the Band D average, another common indicator, bills have increased from £688 in 1997-98 to £1,439 in 2010-11, a rise of 109 per cent.

The Council Tax in Arun has been frozen for 5 years under the Conservative coalition  2010-2015

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Labours position on the By-Pass

Christopher on the left
I attended the SCATE meeting last night, leaving aside the obvious bias of the meeting against the By-Pass, I could not believe the comments by Labours Parliamentary candidate  Christopher Robin Wellbelove,  

He Said that issues like this should be left to local Councillors to decide, Labour Cancelled the By-Pass in 2003 and have now indicated they want to rethink  eg cancel it again.  This goes contrary to the position of their Labour Councillors on Littlehampton who have all been strident supporters of an Arundel By-Pass as it would create and protect jobs in Littlehampton, an area of deprivation and has the 16th most deprived ward in the UK.

How could the Labour party nationally ignore their local Councillors opinion and ignore Littlehampton and Bognor Regis's plight,  frankly the Labour party are not interested in the south, they funnelled all the investment into their homelands leaving us to struggle with inferior infrastructure, they had 13 years to invest in our local transport and failed.  

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Your Votes

Arundel & Walberton ward is the top left hand corner of Arun District,
huge ward with 13 parishes
For those that are not in the know, in the Arun District elections for the Arundel & Walberton ward,you have 3 votes from a total of Six Candidates.

I'm standing along with Norman Dingeman and Robert Wheal on the Conservative party ticket, Christopher Wood is standing for the Labour Party, 
Tricia Wales is standing for UKIP, and Jeremy Johnson is standing as an independent. 
I wish my fellow candidates good luck and hope we can have a clean and positive election and I will certainly work to that end.

In the Arundel Town election you have 12 votes, there are 23 candidates, so you can choose 12 of those, and in the General Election you have one vote for our MP. Candidates are Nick Herbert for the Conservative Party, Peter Grace is standing for UKIP, Shweta Kapadla is standing for the Lib Dems, Isabel Jane Thurston is standing for the Green Party and Christopher Robin Wellbelove is standing for the Labour party,

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Local Company wins Queens award for Enterprise

Can I be one of the first to congratulate local Business PpTek Ltd of the Orchard Business Park, Yapton, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 0GA  Website: www.pptek.co.uk for being one of only five companies in West Sussex to win the Queens award for Enterprise, they are a local small company employing 10 people and was Established in 2000, 

PpTek Ltd manufactures ‘Siloxane’ removal solutions, a system for cleaning gas in the BioGas industry. The company holds a unique position as the world’s market leader in its specialised market place, providing patented systems for the removal of contaminants from biogas production. The company provides systems directly to companies engaged in the extraction of gas from waste products and its approach is very much project-driven with a strategy based around direct customer solutions. The company demonstrates strong overseas sales growth during the last three years and it wins the Queen’s Award for International Trade for outstanding growth in its export earnings of 317% in the last three years.

Monday, 20 April 2015

SCATES Hustings meeting and a Letter in the Littlehampton Gazzette

I have heard that SCATE have called a "Hustings" meeting at St Nicholas, where there has already been one in Arundel that was organised by the Arundel Churches,  I don't know how you can have an objective and fair Hustings when it is called by a group that is already pre-determined on the Environment and the Arundel By-Pass, but then if you read Arundel Resident Derek Wallers letter in the Littlehampton Gazette, all becomes apparent as the tactic is lifted from Campaign for Better Transport ( A National Campaigning Anti Road Group) CBT Campaigners Handbook,  which suggests as a way of campaigning to hold a Hustings meeting  I quote 

              "‘all the candidates are invited to answer questions from your supporters’ and that the groups ‘should write a pledge against the road or in favour of a set of more sensible transport policies and ask all the candidates to sign up, with any who refuse being named and shamed’"

I don't believe Nick Herbert is attending and I don't know of any other candidates attending,  But before I am asked to sign a pledge as laid down in their campaigners handbook,
I make my own pledge

  • To support the building of an Arundel By-Pass, 
  • To Support an improvement in sustainable public transport,
  • To support Cycling facilities and new Cycleways,
  • To support the building of an Arundel Chord allowing trains to go down the Arun Line and turn east
  • To Campaign for a package of  environmentally friendly measures to mitigate the effect of a By Pass to improve Arundel and the surrounding villages.

Here is a letter written by Derek Waller (Local Resident) that is in to days Littlehampton Gazette  here is the link  Letter

I copy the text below

With reference to Kay Wagland’s letter (Gazette, April 9), in which she seeks to distance her local anti-bypass group from the London-based Campaign for Better Transport (CBT), I am reminded of the words in Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”.

The fact is that Ms Wagland and her Arundel SCATE (South Coast Alliance for Transport and the Environment) friends have a centre-stage position in the activities of the CBT and its Roads to Nowhere campaign. The latter is one of the CBT’s three main national campaigns, and its associated Road Campaigners’ Guide actually has a photograph of Ms Wagland on its front cover.
Also, whilst there is nothing on the local or even the Brighton SCATE websites, the CBT’s main website contains a full-page report giving details of Arundel SCATE’s response to the A27 feasibility study report, and it even includes pictures of Kay Wagland and Binsted’s Emma Tristram, as well as quotes from Arundel’s Simon Gray and Sue White.
Additionally, the CBT’s website includes a report about last year’s Roads to Nowhere campaigners’ conference, saying that on October 18, 2014 it hosted a training conference to help local campaigners stop a new wave of road building covering the country with Tarmac, and including yet another photograph of Ms Wagland.
Indeed, most of the activities in which Arundel SCATE has been involved during the past six months or so have come straight out of the CBT Campaigners Handbook, including the current CPRE/SCATE proposal for an election hustings meeting where ‘all the candidates are invited to answer questions from your supporters’ and that the groups ‘should write a pledge against the road or in favour of a set of more sensible transport policies and ask all the candidates to sign up, with any who refuse being named and shamed’.
Local people are, of course, perfectly entitled to have their say about local road building proposals. The main opposition to road building in West Sussex and almost everywhere else in the country comes from the CBT’s Stephen Joseph and Chris Todd, and it is unfortunate that a number of local people with legitimate concerns have been drawn into their web.
Derek Waller
Surrey Wharf


Saturday, 18 April 2015

Arundel Station Cycle path coming together

Something I have been campaigning for is new cycleways and cycle facilities for the town, here are photos of the first stage of the Station cycle path.  But this was a collaborative effort, the driving force was Mike DeLara the previous Chairman of the Arundel Partnership, as well as the Town Council, particularly Cllr. Martyn  Pettifer Chairman of the Traffic Committee and the Mayor Michael Tu, also the County Councillor Nigel Peters.
Funds were identified from Central Government Department of Transport grants via the SDNP,  also Network Rail  the Highways Agency as well as the County Council contributed money.  We need a By-Pass but we also need a whole package of green measures similar to mitigate the effect, I call upon Green Protesters to come together and unite to ask this rather than just opposing a By-Pass full stop.  one question people keep asking is what are the black nets for?  to stop birds nesting, great simple idea to protect nesting birds.

photo of the tunnel under the road taken by Martin John Alderton

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

News Release from The Rt Hon Nick Herbert, He slams Labour threat to Arundel bypass

News Release from The Rt Hon Nick Herbert
Tuesday 14 April 2015

Nick Herbert slams Labour threat to Arundel bypass

Arundel & South Downs Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Nick Herbert has slammed Labour’s announcement yesterday (Monday 13 April) that they would “delay” the Arundel bypass.

In December the Government announced a £350 million investment in A27 improvements including the Arundel bypass, with consultation over routes beginning this year.

Labour’s Manifesto pledged to invest in strategic roads, but a briefing document revealed that they are planning to “delay” A27 projects to fund a one-year rail fare freeze.  The Party later said that A27 upgrades would go ahead “with the exception of the Arundel bypass.”

Mr Herbert commented: “First Labour said they’d invest in strategic roads, then they admitted they would cut investment in the A27 on economic grounds, then within hours they said it was only the Arundel bypass they were shelving, claiming environmental issues.

“The policy is a shambles.  Labour claims they’ll save £200 million from this to fund a one-year rail fair freeze, but the money isn’t there to raid yet because it’s allocated for when construction begins, which won’t be until the end of the the road period.

“Conservatives have already delivered a rail fair freeze for the last two years and have now committed to extend the freeze to run throughout the next Parliament without cutting essential roads investment.

“Labour’s excuse that the bypass goes through the National Park won’t wash because the routes are being consulted on and the existing A27 goes through the National Park anyway.  This is a tiny section of replanted woodland right at the bottom of the Park.  It isn’t chalk downland.  Meanwhile real damage to the Park is being caused by pollution and rat running through Downland villages as a result of congestion at Arundel.  Storrington suffers some of the worst air pollution in the South East.

“Nor does it make sense for Labour to claim that they’ll go ahead with upgrades on other sections of the A27 while leaving a bottleneck at Arundel.  Frankly, no-one will trust Labour to deliver any of the A27 schemes.  They’ve got form on this - they shelved the Arundel bypass once before in 2003.  Once again Labour are cutting roads investment and showing that they couldn't care less about Sussex or the South of England.  It’s now clear that users of the congested A27, the local economy and the environment will continue to suffer if Labour are elected.”

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin commented:

“Infrastructure investment is a vital part of our long term economic plan and once again Labour has shown that they will ignore Sussex.  Only David Cameron and the Conservatives are committed to upgrading the A27 and relieving the congestion that causes misery on a daily basis. 

“Labour cancelled lots of road schemes in 1998 which led to us tumbling down the international league tables for infrastructure.  Today Ed Miliband has shown he would repeat the mistakes of the past, condemning Sussex to decades of congestion.”

Friday, 10 April 2015

Your Vote - Our local Election Pledges - Your services (all for £3 a week)

Vote Conservative for Arun District
on the 7th of May
I am standing again for re-election as Councillor for the Arundel & Walberton ward on the 7th of May with colleagues Norman Dingemans and Robert Wheal,

I ask that you give us your support and elect myself and my colleagues for four more years as your local representatives.

I have lived and worked in the ward for over 19 years, I am and have always been a Green Conservative and support sustainable transport, cycling, renewable energy and green tourism, I also support the provision of a By-Pass as I see this as a way to improving the local environment for local residents.  

I always fight Arundel's corner at Arun and because I am a Cabinet Member I am in a good position to influence policy. I have worked hard over the last four years and have a number of personal achievements  

  • Campaigning for Government money for flood defenses  (£280k committed from the Environment Agency)
  • Campaigning for Government money for an Arundel By-Pass using the pink blue route
  • Campaigning for traffic calming within the ward with 20 mph speed limits for Burpham with 20Mph zones coming to  Arundel & Warningcamp in 2015.
  • Green renewable energy on the Civic Centre generating 50kw's and giving Arun a 5 year payback on it's investment
  • Money towards the Arundel Museum.
  • Campaigning for cycle racks & cycle paths (Racks achieved, Station cycle path being delivered at the moment)
  • Working to keep the Learning Tree children's nursery open
  • Working to keep unwanted housing development from Arundel, whilst working to build houses where they are wanted (In the Arundel Neighborhood plan)

Arun Conservatives have a good record of achievement  -  

  • £5m savings achieved with no cuts to services, (Reducing staffing numbers by 20% reducing council office buildings from 8 to 5)
  • The Council Tax Frozen for 5 years 
  • Weekly bin collection of the highest quality at the lowest cost compared to other councils
  • Local Housing for local People you have to live in Arun for 5 years to be eligible for Social Housing (Council Housing)
  • Building 1042 affordable homes (beating a target of 1000 over 4 years)
  • Supporting Community Safety and Policing through close working with Sussex Police
  • Boosting recycling
  • Expanding Council Leisure & Sport  services, with a promise of a new Swimming & Sports Centre at littlehampton

If you live in a Band D property only £3 a week of your council tax goes to Arun for good local services at a comparable low cost. 

Our future pledges to you the voter are

  1. To continue to ensure value for money by cutting costs whilst maintaining and improving services.
  2. To preserve the countryside and our environment, encourage green measures, ensuring that inappropriate planning applications are opposed and encouraging the social, economic and environmental well being of the area.
  3. To work closely with your Local Parish or Town Councils to meet your needs.
  4. To improve the quality of life for all by tackling anti-social behaviour in all its forms.
  5. To ensure continuation of tough financial controls at Arun and continue to eliminate waste.

Our Manifesto leaflet 

Our Manifesto leaflet 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Arundel Hustings announced

Arundel churches to hold hustings for parliamentary candidates

The Arundel Churches Liaison Committee extends a warm and open invitation to the public to hustings event for parliamentary candidates for the Arundel and South Downs constituency.

The event will be held at St Nicholas Church in Arundel on Wednesday 15 April from 7pm to 9pm. 

The event is an opportunity for the public to put their questions directly to the parliamentary candidates who are standing in the General Election.  It will be the first hustings to be held in the constituency during this election campaign to which parliamentary candidates from all the political parties have been invited.

Oliver Hawkins, an Arundel resident for over 40 years, will be the independent chair for the evening.   Questions for the candidates should be sent to Oliver in advance of the hustings, to avoid duplication, by email to oliveranddiana@gmail.com.  Questions must be received by Monday 13 April, not later than 3pm. Those submitting a question will be invited during the evening to present their question directly to the candidates.  

Support an Offline Bypass

Support an Offline Bypass
Arundel desperately needs an offline bypass

Arundel video

Should Councillors be more active on Social Media

Your Council

Your Council
Arun District Councillors first meeting after election

Need a hotel

Option A Pink blue route for Arundel By-Pass

Option A Pink blue route for Arundel By-Pass