Friday, 10 April 2015

Your Vote - Our local Election Pledges - Your services (all for £3 a week)

Vote Conservative for Arun District
on the 7th of May
I am standing again for re-election as Councillor for the Arundel & Walberton ward on the 7th of May with colleagues Norman Dingemans and Robert Wheal,

I ask that you give us your support and elect myself and my colleagues for four more years as your local representatives.

I have lived and worked in the ward for over 19 years, I am and have always been a Green Conservative and support sustainable transport, cycling, renewable energy and green tourism, I also support the provision of a By-Pass as I see this as a way to improving the local environment for local residents.  

I always fight Arundel's corner at Arun and because I am a Cabinet Member I am in a good position to influence policy. I have worked hard over the last four years and have a number of personal achievements  

  • Campaigning for Government money for flood defenses  (£280k committed from the Environment Agency)
  • Campaigning for Government money for an Arundel By-Pass using the pink blue route
  • Campaigning for traffic calming within the ward with 20 mph speed limits for Burpham with 20Mph zones coming to  Arundel & Warningcamp in 2015.
  • Green renewable energy on the Civic Centre generating 50kw's and giving Arun a 5 year payback on it's investment
  • Money towards the Arundel Museum.
  • Campaigning for cycle racks & cycle paths (Racks achieved, Station cycle path being delivered at the moment)
  • Working to keep the Learning Tree children's nursery open
  • Working to keep unwanted housing development from Arundel, whilst working to build houses where they are wanted (In the Arundel Neighborhood plan)

Arun Conservatives have a good record of achievement  -  

  • £5m savings achieved with no cuts to services, (Reducing staffing numbers by 20% reducing council office buildings from 8 to 5)
  • The Council Tax Frozen for 5 years 
  • Weekly bin collection of the highest quality at the lowest cost compared to other councils
  • Local Housing for local People you have to live in Arun for 5 years to be eligible for Social Housing (Council Housing)
  • Building 1042 affordable homes (beating a target of 1000 over 4 years)
  • Supporting Community Safety and Policing through close working with Sussex Police
  • Boosting recycling
  • Expanding Council Leisure & Sport  services, with a promise of a new Swimming & Sports Centre at littlehampton

If you live in a Band D property only £3 a week of your council tax goes to Arun for good local services at a comparable low cost. 

Our future pledges to you the voter are

  1. To continue to ensure value for money by cutting costs whilst maintaining and improving services.
  2. To preserve the countryside and our environment, encourage green measures, ensuring that inappropriate planning applications are opposed and encouraging the social, economic and environmental well being of the area.
  3. To work closely with your Local Parish or Town Councils to meet your needs.
  4. To improve the quality of life for all by tackling anti-social behaviour in all its forms.
  5. To ensure continuation of tough financial controls at Arun and continue to eliminate waste.

Our Manifesto leaflet 

Our Manifesto leaflet 

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