Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Arundel Station Cycle Path - The plan

This is the WSCC plan for the Arundel station Cycle Path, sorry had to convert PDF to JPG, but you will get the gist of the route.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Post Election (My Sussex Local Monthly report for June 2014)

Every 18-20 years there is an election that is ground breaking and the political ramifications are seismic. I believe the recent General Election is such an election; it was as much a surprise to me as you that the Conservatives got an overall majority. One thing is now sure, that we will get our by-pass, but the route and ALL the details are still to be decided and fully consulted on, I know some people have mentioned a concrete flyover similar to Shoreham, but this is speculative nonsense,
Arundel & Walberton Ward is a huge area and includes Arundel, Burpham, 
Wepham, Poling. Lyminster, Crossbush, Blakehurst, Houghton, Madehurst, 
Slindon, Walberton, Warningcamp South Stoke, Offham,Peppering, Fontwell, 
& parts of Eastergate, Angmering & Aldingbourne

I have heard that the first shovel won't be in the ground until 2021 and the By-Pass won't be completed until 2023, this seems a very long time to me, but I don’t think the government can be accused of rushing ahead without forethought.

On the local election, myself, Norman Dingemans and Robert Wheal were elected to the Arundel & Walberton ward as your District councillors, Thank you for your support and votes, we are committed to keeping your council tax low, to protect your countryside from inappropriate development and our focus on this will be across the whole ward, we will increase recycling, continue to promote cycling initiatives, some of you may not have voted for us, but we will serve all the residents in the best way we can,

The town Council elections were interesting this time round as there were so many candidates (23) stood for the 12 seats, the following councillors got elected, Lucy Ashworth,Matt Bodimeade, Wendy Eve, Lorinda Monaghan, Karin Moorhouse, Mark Phillips, Angela Standing, James Stewart, Michael Tu, Kay Wagland, Anne Harriott, Colin Heriot,

I look forward to working with them all, they normally meet most Thursdays at 7pm at the Town Hall, it's always good when members of the public come along and ask questions at the beginning of the meeting, so I hope to see some of you there.

I think all people were agreed that the election campaign was too long, but our democracy is something we can be very proud of, many other countries look at the integrity of our process with envy, it’s something to cherish, the British people have spoken and it's something to celebrate!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Thank You

Thank you for your votes.
I am immensely proud and honoured that you re-elected me as Councillor,  Thank your your support and personal faith in me and I hope I can continue to be the Councillor you want in representing your views,

I have to thank the officers of the council who delivered the election process with the new challenge of single voter registration and three elections at the same time, special thanks to Nigel Lynn (Returning Officer) and Liz Futcher head of Arun Elections and Committees on Arun DC.

I have to thank my fellow candidates for a fair and clean election, their motives were like mine to serve you the community and it takes a lot of effort to put your self forward, so to the losers my commiserations.

We are in a much larger ward thanks to the Electoral Boundary Commission, there are 16 Parishes, bearing in mind the 3 councillors are supposed to service those parishes attending their meetings and feeding their views into the District Council is a huge challenge, the civil servant who invented this one should try coming down to meet us and understand what they have done, rather than driving a desk in Whitehall.

The Town Council elections were a big local electoral event, some very good notable councillors lost their seats, Martyn Pettifer and Jeremy Johnstone,they gave very good service to their town and I hope the new entrants will do the same.

The results for the district were
Paul Dendle-2691 votes   Conservative
Norman Dingeman 2448 votes  Conservative
Robert Wheal 1994 votes   Conservative

The town Council results were
Lucy Ashworth - 516 votes
Matt Bodimeade - 510 votes
Wendy Eve - 870 - votes
Lorinda Monaghan - votes
Karin Moorhouse - 493 votes
Mark Phillips - 627 votes
Angela Standing - 672 votes
James Stewart - 671 - votes
Michael Tu - 651 - votes
Kay Wagland - 563 votes
Anne Harriott- 707 votes
Colin Heriot - 686 votes

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Aruns Bin Collection - Highest for quality/lowest for price

Did you know that Aruns weekly bin collection is compared to other Councils the highest for Quality* and the lowest for cost, another reason to vote Conservative on Thursday

*(Highest quartile (25%) for quality, lowest quartile (25%) for cost)

Tricia Wales election material

Old Gas works Ford Road in 1908.
Just read Tricia Wales (UKIP Council Candidate) election material where she says that Arun will build 5000 houses in the district, The materials language is extraordinary to say the least, It is obvious that it is written by someone who lives in Yapton and it's Yapton centric, But to re-assure everyone who lives in Arundel, the Neighbourhood Plan that was passed with a huge majority allows for between 60-90 dwellings in Arundel between now and 2029, this would be accommodated on sites that have been chosen as desirable for development, eg. The old Gas works, the Bevan & bevan site and the Castle Stable just off London Road.  So if the By-Pass is built there would be no in fill. 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Did you know that all the profits from the Lido Car Park go to the Arundel Lido?

The Lido Car Park in Arundel is owned and managed by Arun District Council, not many people know that all the profits from the Lido Car Park go to the Arundel Community Downland and Leisure Trust a charity that runs the Arundel Lido for the local community.

Their web site says 

 "The Lido receives no regular external funding and relies entirely on proceeds from the opening season, money taken in the car park, the work of its volunteers and donations from Friends and the public."

I think the Trust should acknowledge Aruns part in the funding mix. But I think it underpins Aruns commitment to sports provision with the new Sports & Leisure Centre being built either at North Littlehampton or at the existing site. 

Arun has Built 1042 affordable homes in the last 4 years

Arun has Built 1042 affordable homes with it's partners in the last 4 years (beating it's own target of 1000),

it's now building it's own Council houses again, for the first time since the 1980's another reason to vote Conservative on Thursday.

Sunday, 3 May 2015


Arun's current recycling rate is 38.4%, we are aiming for 50% by 2020, but as Arun is not a unitary authority, e.g. West Sussex County Council does  there own recycling via the recycling centres, if you joined Aruns and WSCC local recycling  then you are already near 50% rate.  Also the new mechanical recovery unit will come on line in August and this will boost recycling even further by treating waste into some recyclables and redirecting it away from Land-fill.

Compare this to Green controlled Brighton City Council which is a unitary authority and has a pitiful recycling rate of 25.8% which in fact has gone backwards under their control,  The Greens talk the talk on recycling, but because they funnel funds into staff costs rather than improving the service, they do a disservice to local residents.

Support an Offline Bypass

Support an Offline Bypass
Arundel desperately needs an offline bypass

Arundel video

Should Councillors be more active on Social Media

Your Council

Your Council
Arun District Councillors first meeting after election

Need a hotel

Option A Pink blue route for Arundel By-Pass

Option A Pink blue route for Arundel By-Pass