Sunday, 10 May 2015

Thank You

Thank you for your votes.
I am immensely proud and honoured that you re-elected me as Councillor,  Thank your your support and personal faith in me and I hope I can continue to be the Councillor you want in representing your views,

I have to thank the officers of the council who delivered the election process with the new challenge of single voter registration and three elections at the same time, special thanks to Nigel Lynn (Returning Officer) and Liz Futcher head of Arun Elections and Committees on Arun DC.

I have to thank my fellow candidates for a fair and clean election, their motives were like mine to serve you the community and it takes a lot of effort to put your self forward, so to the losers my commiserations.

We are in a much larger ward thanks to the Electoral Boundary Commission, there are 16 Parishes, bearing in mind the 3 councillors are supposed to service those parishes attending their meetings and feeding their views into the District Council is a huge challenge, the civil servant who invented this one should try coming down to meet us and understand what they have done, rather than driving a desk in Whitehall.

The Town Council elections were a big local electoral event, some very good notable councillors lost their seats, Martyn Pettifer and Jeremy Johnstone,they gave very good service to their town and I hope the new entrants will do the same.

The results for the district were
Paul Dendle-2691 votes   Conservative
Norman Dingeman 2448 votes  Conservative
Robert Wheal 1994 votes   Conservative

The town Council results were
Lucy Ashworth - 516 votes
Matt Bodimeade - 510 votes
Wendy Eve - 870 - votes
Lorinda Monaghan - votes
Karin Moorhouse - 493 votes
Mark Phillips - 627 votes
Angela Standing - 672 votes
James Stewart - 671 - votes
Michael Tu - 651 - votes
Kay Wagland - 563 votes
Anne Harriott- 707 votes
Colin Heriot - 686 votes

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