Thursday, 23 July 2015

Leisure decisions

As Cabinet member I am responsible for Leisure provision, Arun is planning to build a new Sports and swimming centre in Littlehampton, Consultants helped us short list the possible sites down to either the existing site (Land adjacent to the existing building) or a possible new site which is on the A259 between the Morrison’s and the Bodyshop roundabout at the junction where the new Lyminster by-pass will insect with the A259.
I have been having a running argument with Littlehampton residents who say that they want to keep the centre at the existing site, I want to find the best site which is why we have some experts looking at two sites and coming up with a recommendation. I will support that recommendation whatever decision the Consultants recomend, it will be then for Councillors to make a decision, Many Littlehampton residents predominantly elderly have attacked me for not taking note of their opinion
But I have rightly been making the case that the whole District will be paying for the new centre so it should be the whole district that we consult on that decision.
Sport England advises on the best designs for new leisure centres.

I seem to be the bĂȘte noire of certain Littlehampton residents, I received considerable flack for the cuts we had to make to Inspire Leisure’s grant which resulted in them closing the Windmill Cinema, but with Arun’s officers help we managed to find a new Cinema operator and persuade Inspire Leisure to let the Windmill to this operator, The Windmill re-opened a year and a half ago with a new community model which is now making money rather than loosing £125,000 a year and having to be supported by Council tax payers.
I have always been a cost cutter in my business life, I reorganised the Councils buildings reducing them from 8 to 5 and bringing all the various receptions to a central area with comfortable seating, electronic queuing and television for waiting customers.
The Government will continue to cut our grant and we need to find new ways to deliver quality services for less money, I believe this gives us opportunity to introduce new technological ways of servicing residents

Until next Month, Paul Dendle is Arundel & Walberton Ward and Cabinet member for Leisure & Amenities on Arun DC. Email: cllr.paul.dendle@arun.gov.uk tel 07725359841 web site: www.pauldendle.org

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