Friday, 11 March 2016

EU or not

Before I went into local politics I had a fairly jaundiced view of Councils and their apparent inability to get things moving, Only when I became a Councillor did I understand the frustrations of Officers and the system they have to make work, In business if you want to purchase something you pick up the phone and discuss the price, you haggle and then you place the order with your chosen supplier. In Government if you spend anything over 50,000 euros then you have to go through complicated EU procurement rules which means you have complicated procurement documents which have to receive three tenders from three different suppliers and you then have to have a chosen methodology to make the purchase decision.

s I write this I am undecided, I am worried if we leave we will trigger a mini recession whilst everyone runs around like headless chickens. Many on the leave campaign argue that we could leave the EU, but stay in the single market which is attractive, but I don’t think many people have considered the point that if we are still part of the single Market then we have to accept the free movement of labour, so why leave if immigration is your chief concern?

I mentioned this to one of the many lobbyists that contacted me as a Councillor. If we turned our back on the single market then this represents over 50% of our trade, but as we buy more from them than sell to them will we be given some special accommodation? interestingly There is one country that has access to the single market, but is not in the single market and that's Canada, So maybe an option?

I have no problem with migrants coming to the UK as long as they work, pay tax, speak English and integrate, I believe most people in the UK share that view. The British have a long tradition of welcoming people in need to our shores, But uncontrolled immigration is causing considerable tensions and although the PM’s negotiated package is not perfect it may be our best option. I hope we will have a well informed debate and make the right decision whatever that is? To next month, Paul Dendle is Arundel & Walberton and Cabinet member on Arun District Council. Web www.pauldendle.org. Email Cllr.paul.dendle@arun.gov.ukThe reason I mention this is that we will sooner or later have to make a decision regarding staying in the EU, A

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