Wednesday, 25 May 2016

News about Cleansing (My June Sussex Local article)

Biffa (Arun) bin lorry.

Further to my various reports regarding the renewal of the cleansing contract in January 2017, Arun has decided rather than go for a full 10 year new cleansing contract, that it would be more cost effective to taxpayers to look to let a short term contract for 3 years with a possible 3 years extension. the reasoning behind this is that most contractors have written off in capital terms the plant (dust wagons etc) so to use existing plant rather than invest in new plant makes the costs much lower allowing us to have existing contractual terms for another 3 years, eg weekly waste collections and fortnightly recyclables. 

Originally as Cabinet Member for Cleansing I had wanted to extend the existing contract, but was blocked by officers on what was hypothetical reputational risks to the council, 
theoretically companies that had originally bid could challenge our decision in court, but as 
many of these companies had morphed into different larger consolidated entities, my belief 
was that the risk was minimal, the prize was substantial savings, but where I as a businessman saw opportunity, some of the more cautious officers saw risk.  It,s a balanced judgement and different people would decide in a different way.

The new shorter contract is a legal way of doing what I had wanted to do, by allowing the 
existing contractor and any new contractors to bid allows us to get a good proportion of the 
savings I wanted to achieve.  It also puts us in a good position to tender in 2020/1 for a new 
ten year contract encompassing new technologies and possibly a food waste collection.

The PCC election is decided for another four years, congratulations to the winner, but I'm 
still waiting for my Bobby in every village which was Katie Bournes pledge in 2012, I tried to 
be the candidate in 2012, I got to the last six, but was defeated at a selection meeting, my 
big idea was to adopt systems thinking techniques that Cheshire constabulary had adopted, 
it empowered Police constables, gave power to those at the sharp end and cut costs 
allowing for more PC,s.  Alas I could not put these ideas into action, a regret, but the winner 
takes all in politics, until next month,

Paul Dendle is Arundel & Walbeton Ward & Cabinet Member for Leisure & Amenities.  His email is Cllr.Paul.dendle@arun.gov.uk. Web address: www.pauldendle.org

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