Friday, 24 June 2016

Public Conveniences - all change? Sussex Local report for July

Future Toilet policy to be discussed.
AS Cabinet member responsible for amongst other things public conveniences there is a very important report being discussed by the combined Leisure Tourism and the Environment working party on the 28th of June.

Arun has quite a few toilets some of them in a poor condition, we need to invest money to bring the most used of these up to a decent standard, but this will result in a consolidation of existing toilets.

Some toilets are in remote rural locations and in the winter time they can be used for anti social behaviour, I always thought I was worldly wise , but I didn’t know what a glory hole was until I started this role, hopefully a lot of you won’t know either. I won’t say any more on that subject and I will let the more adventitious google it,

So in general terms what the paper will propose is closing some of the more rural toilets in the winter, eg keeping them for summer use and avoiding the Anti social activity,

Investing in the high volume toilets introducing things like showers for sea side locations, and consulting on closing some toilets to save money.

Parishes and town councils will be given options to take over some toilets and develop them into a mixed use, eg introducing a business tenant to oversee the toilets and also make money from their business.  Many locations can be converted to cafe’s, cycle shops, taxi offices etc etc as well as having toilets.

I mentioned this to Arundel Town Council recently and indicated that the Crown Yard toilets may be one of the toilets that could either be closed, or delegated to the local Parish (EG Town Council),  I said that the ATC should see this as an opportunity, the existing toilets are huge, could easily occupy half the space and could be sub let to a business like a cycle shop.

If ATC should wish to take over operation it could be a win win situation for everyone, eg it could provide a revenue flow for ATC, it would maintain some sort of presence and would save the tax payer money.

I try to be straight with you the resident and taxpayer and hopefully you will take on board that this is a consultation and not a decision, but money has to be saved and we need to find new ways of working.  Your feedback to Arun will be welcome, but the status quo is not really an option.

Until Next Month,  Paul Dendle is the Arundel & Walberton Ward & Cabinet member for Leisure & Amenities.  Web address is www.pauldendle.org and email cllr.paul.dendle@arun.gov.uk

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

I have made up my mind on the Referendum and voted

As a local District Councillor, you may or may not care to know how I voted in the Referendum (Postal Vote),  I have been debating it with friends and have decided on balance to vote to stay in,

I am not going to try and persuade you to vote either way, but the thing that struck me is firstly either in the EU or out of the EU I want to stay in the single market to preserve jobs and our economy,

If you have the single market then  you have to have free movement of labour (As Norway & Switzerland do), so why vote to leave what tangible benefit does it give you, I have said to friends give me one tangible reason to leave and I will vote to leave, but no one could, it was all vision, hope and aspiration, not good enough reasons to gamble the economy on.

Interestingly I was speaking to the local returning officer and he predicted a 80% turnout and mentioned that a 1000 people are registering a day to vote

Remember no one is objective, everyone has an agenda, so you will have to balance up all the arguments and make up your own mind,  The best of luck

If you still are not registered for the Referendum vote, you can easily register via the following link  www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

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