Wednesday, 1 June 2016

I have made up my mind on the Referendum and voted

As a local District Councillor, you may or may not care to know how I voted in the Referendum (Postal Vote),  I have been debating it with friends and have decided on balance to vote to stay in,

I am not going to try and persuade you to vote either way, but the thing that struck me is firstly either in the EU or out of the EU I want to stay in the single market to preserve jobs and our economy,

If you have the single market then  you have to have free movement of labour (As Norway & Switzerland do), so why vote to leave what tangible benefit does it give you, I have said to friends give me one tangible reason to leave and I will vote to leave, but no one could, it was all vision, hope and aspiration, not good enough reasons to gamble the economy on.

Interestingly I was speaking to the local returning officer and he predicted a 80% turnout and mentioned that a 1000 people are registering a day to vote

Remember no one is objective, everyone has an agenda, so you will have to balance up all the arguments and make up your own mind,  The best of luck

If you still are not registered for the Referendum vote, you can easily register via the following link  www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

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