Thursday, 26 January 2017

Lets have the true facts to decide (Arundel By-Pass)

Traffic is building.
Bypass Protest groups have been slowly manoeuvring over the last six months, Emma & Mike Tristam has their group called Arundel Bypass neighbourhood committee but they are based in Binsted so it’s a misnomer .

There have been innocuous groups popping up on Facebook called Arundel Chat (recently re-named Arundel Bypass chat)and anyone connected to Arundel or the surrounding area have been given invitations and made members, I think this is in effect a Trojan horse for the protest group and members are being corralled ready for anti by-pass spin.

All households in Arundel have been bombarded with purple leaflets mentioning a Purple route which is in effect an on-line solution eg a Dual carriageway through Arundel.

Just under three years ago we were being told that the Pink Blue route would result in Shoreham like concrete monstrosities being built over the Arun valley, despite evidence that the By-Pass would be on earth bunds with vegetation to mitigate the effect.

The lie regarding the Flyover becomes apparent when you look at the purple route leaflet which shows earth bunds, so if the purple route can have earth bunds why can't the pink blue route?

Michael Tu when he was Mayor made a deal with Walberton Parish that they wouldn’t support an online solution if Arundel Town Council didn’t support the Binsted route, That agreement still stands, so the Binsted group are going against the spirit of that agreement by supporting an online solution.
For the record I am against an online bypass  solution (Purple route), I am against the Binsted route, I am in favour of the Pink Blue route which is still registered as the preferred route with the Department of Transport, I was elected on that manifesto pledge so I feel that I have a mandate to campaign on that basis. Many of these groups are being controlled and funded by Brighton environmentalists rather than local Arundel residents.

Let's have an open and factual debate based on the true facts and not half truths, some of the half truths are“Local Traffic”. Protesters they that the vast majority of Arundel traffic is local traffic, but they use WSCC definition of local traffic as 15 miles radius, so that's beyond Shoreham Airport, Bosham and Billinghurst.

Binsted Ancient Woodland, Binsted is an Ancient Cultivated woodland, currently planted with conifers which will be harvested as other trees going back 500 years have been.

Environmental impact, it is well known that air quality will improve rather than deteriorate if the bypass is built, Storrington has some of the worst air quality measurements in the Uk thanks to rat running to avoid the Arundel log jam.

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