Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Most people want an Arundel bypass.

I seem to have ruffled a few feathers in my September report regarding the coming proposed by-pass, I have been accused of “errors, mis-truths, and personal slurs” but I see this as a campaign to discredit the messenger rather than deal with the issues with a straight bat, many of the assertions of the Anti bypass protesters have been half truths rather than whole truths and all I want is have an open debate without spin. I stand by what I have said, I repeat that unlike the protesters I believe I have a mandate from the electorate in my 2015 re-election. I also believe that there is a solid majority of somewhere between 65-75% in favour of a Pink Blue route. The consultation will start in March and I hope everyone with a view will make their views known, A Pro-Bypass group will start soon so hopefully we can have a balanced debate.

As one of my Leisure & Amenities Cabinet portfolio responsibilities I have been been busy trying to consolidate the number of Public toilets in Arun and bring them up to a much higher standard, It has been pointed out that as a Tourist town we should have public conveniences, which I fully agree with, but we have the new toilets at the side of the Museum which I helped get the funding to underpin the Museum project. Most tourists use these toilets but we also have Crown yard and this is one of those toilets that is under threat, I do not want for Crown Yard to close, I want to see it restructured into a dual use facility with a commercial element, the question is who takes responsibility for it, I was hoping the Town Council might take on that role, but after discussions I don’t think there is much appetite for that, so could a local business take on that role at a peppercorn rent and invest a capital sum in converting the toilets, running them and using the remaining space as a business opportunity? We are working to save £150,000pa from the annual budget but also investing £600,000 in the next three years as a capital sum in the remaining toilets to bring them up from a dismal 32% user satisfaction. The key is we are listening to feedback and will reflect on this before we make final decisions

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