Wednesday, 30 November 2016

JDAC Grant obtained for Arundel Lido

Arundel Lido.
Arundel Lido have the LEAP project to build a gym and new changing rooms, initially to design and get planning permission and prepare the project for construction they need to raise £100k.

I suggested that they apply to the Joint Downland Area Committee which has a fund from Aruns New Homes bonus, I also suggested that they apply for £25k as the fund was coming to an end  and there was funds still available until April. Also I was a member of the committee along with Michael Tu. and we could help inform the committee and advance the project.

After a bit of pushing acting as a champion for the project I can now report that the Lido have been successful in being granted £25,000 from JDAC.   There is a proposal at Arundel Town Council  to give an Additional £25,000 which will be decided at the next Full Council and the Trust have £25,000 of their own money.   There is also a grant going to the lottery fund for the last £25k.

So it looks like the Lido can move forward to the first stage and then the big job of raising £1.7M  to finish the project can begin

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