Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Taking the leader to task on the local plan

CPRE meeting from the littlehampton gazette. Link
There was a recent meeting organised by the CPRE (Campaign for rural England) regarding the housing numbers in Arun’s local plan, It has been reported that there was extreme anger at the situation that Arun residents find themselves in.

As some of you may know, I and my fellow Cabinet member colleague challenged (the Leader and the Deputy Leader) in a leadership contest in March,  Terry against the leader lost by 13 votes and I drew with the deputy Leader and on a second ballot  lost by 3 votes.

We were both duly removed from our Cabinet positions, not because of our abilities (We were two of the strongest performers)  but because our apparent “disloyalty”, we were both fired by email and I took umbrage at that as any good leader looks you in the eye and sacks you, the horror stories of being fired by text have been re-counted in recent media stories.

But worse than that I wasn’t put on any committees to challenge the executive, I said at Full Council that the voters of Arundel & Walberton were being disenfranchised by a act of revenge and that Loyalty was a two way street and I would not hesitate in holding the executive to account.

So as a result I have been asking public questions at Cabinet and will be asking questions at Full Council on the 12th of July.

I believe that the previous Cabinet member for Planning Ricky Bower has mismanaged the Local Plan process, so much so that Arun has spent twice as much as Chichester District Council  eg £1.8M pounds of your money!

Gill Brown as Leader has the sole right to appoint and sack Cabinet Members, which has been aptly demonstrated in my case, there has been a clamour for Ricky Bower to be sacked from his portfolio, but Gill Brown resisted keeping him in place and leaving us with a situation where we are looking at 1000+ houses to be built pa for Arun District.

I believe there is a risk that this will grow to 1200 houses plus and I have asked questions to the Leader if she would take personal responsibility if this situation occurred.  Unfortunately she ducked the question twice at Cabinet when I pushed her to answer.

I had another opportunity to ask a question at Full Council and I pressed the leader for an answer, she refused to answer any of questions. I believe I have a duty as ward member to ask these questions.  I will continue to press these points, Until next Month

Paul Dendle is Ward member for Arundel & Walberton Ward his email address is cllr.paul.dendle@arun.gov.uk

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A27 Arundel Bypass Consultation announced

Dates for PUBLIC CONSULTATION 22nd August to 16th October 2017

A27 Arundel bypass
One of a package of 4 schemes to reduce congestion on the A27.
Region:  South East
Start date:  By the end of March 2020
Cost:  £100 million to £250 million
Status:  PLANNED
Type:   Major Scheme
End date:  TBC
Programme:   A27 schemes

Progress report
We will be running a public consultation from 22nd August to 16th October 2017. There will be public exhibition events during this period.
What next?
Nearer the time, we will write to local residents to inform them of the locations and dates of these public exhibitions. We will also advertise in local media and publish details on this web site.
Date Event
2015 A27 Corridor Feasibility Study
March 2015 Roads Investment Strategy (RIS)
Summer 2017 Have your say

Why we need this scheme
The Arundel section of the A27 lacks road and junction capacity. As a result it suffers from congestion, particularly junctions at Crossbush, The Causeway and Ford Road. Planned growth along the wider A27 corridor is likely to worsen the problem and at present there’s no proposal for public transport provision that would have a positive impact on traffic levels. This scheme aims to reduce congestion through Arundel by means of a new dual carriageway bypass. The bypass would link together the two existing dual carriageway sections of the A27 either side of Arundel. We are also assessing alternative options including online junction improvements. These proposals are subject to consultation with the National Parks Authority, Local Government and the public.
The objectives for the scheme are to:
• improve capacity of the A27 whilst supporting local planning authorities to manage the impact of planned growth
• reduce congestion, reduce travel time and improve journey time reliability along the A27
• improve the safety of travellers along the A27 and consequently the wider local road network
• improve accessibility for all users to local services and facilities
• deliver a scheme that minimises environmental impact and seeks to protect and enhance the quality of the surrounding environment through its high quality design
• respect the South Downs National Park and its special qualities in our decision-making

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Press Release from WSCC re the A259, A284 (Lyminster Bypass) and A280 (Angmering Bypass)

Contractor named for major A259 improvement work

West Sussex County Council has announced its choice of contractor to design and build major improvements to the A259 north of Littlehampton.

VolkerFitzpatrick won the contract to complete the scheme, which will see sections of the A259 become dual carriageway between the new Fitzalan Link Road and the A280 roundabout.

The changes will ease congestion, shorten journey times and make it easier to reach new housing and workplaces.

The full list of improvements includes:

• Dual carriageway between new Fitzalan Link Road and the Body Shop roundabout in both directions;
• Dual carriageway between Station Road, Angmering and A280 roundabout in both directions;
• Wider approaches and improved road markings at Station Road, Body Shop and A280;
• New pedestrian/cycle paths.

Works are scheduled to start in summer 2018 and last up to 18 months.

West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Bob Lanzer, said: “Now we have our contractor on board we can start making progress on this hugely significant scheme.

“Once built there will be greater highway capacity to call upon, reducing congestion and journey times. 

“Motorists will know with greater certainty how long it will take to get through the A259 each day.”

VolkerFitzpatrick and its design consultants Tony Gee will work with the County Council over the coming months to develop detailed designs.

Chris Evans, managing director of VolkerFitzpatrick’s civils division, said: “We are delighted to have been selected to work with West Sussex County Council on this scheme. This new highway infrastructure will make travelling through the county less time-consuming for local residents and visitors alike.”

The project is one of a number of major schemes being developed to improve infrastructure in the Arun area over the next three years. 

Others include the new A284 Lyminster bypass, a new cycle route on the A259 between Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, and traffic improvements in Angmering

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Few problems with my site and domain pauldendle.org

Sorry if you have experienced some problems with my website, you will note a new domain as I had issues with Google/Go Daddy with the domain, a bit ding & dong, but net result is Pauldendle.org is locked and can't be unlocked for a few weeks, so I have introduced Arundel.pauldendle.net as the new domain and communicating that out via Social media

Friday, 7 July 2017

Nineveh Shipyard River wall repair

Nineveh Shipyard Gardens.

Chris Perry, Director, Nineveh Shipyard residential association made a Presentation to Arundel Town Council Planning Committee on the 6th July, 2017 at Arundel town Hall, Chris had been invited by Cllr.Mark Phillips to tell ATC about plans to make repair 71M section of river wall adjoining Nineveh Shipyard (NS) and No 1 Old Slipway.​(NS consists of 29 houses in centre of Arundel next to river). As with all properties in Arundel the owners are jointly responsible for river wall maintenance under Riparian owner repair obligations.  

It is thought the wall is over 70 years old, the repairs are expected to last 50 years until wall renewal as proposed by the Environment Agency (EA) in their Long Term River Arun Strategy.  Contractors WPH Marine (has a good reputation )have been contracted and instructed by NSRA

The river front garden will be closed late summer for about 12 weeks so WPH can establish a site office remove fences on river front properties in order to lower 8 mm steel plate over side and weld steel plate onto wall, in-fill with concrete, weld on sacrificial anodes, add concrete beam at foot, the total cost is approximately £290,000 

2013-20152 surveys recommended maintenance
12 Jan 2016EA arranged Team Van Oord survey following River Rd wall collapse
20 Jun 2016EA letter to riparian owners – recommending repairs

Approvals Process
Marine Maritime Organisation (MMO) including ecological assessment 
EA – OK if MMO approve
Littlehampton Harbour Board – have approved
Angmering Estate – no approval required
Norfolk Estate – no approval required
ADC – no approval required for repairs
ADC– licence for garden closure 

Support an Offline Bypass

Support an Offline Bypass
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Your Council
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Option A Pink blue route for Arundel By-Pass