Friday, 7 July 2017

Nineveh Shipyard River wall repair

Nineveh Shipyard Gardens.

Chris Perry, Director, Nineveh Shipyard residential association made a Presentation to Arundel Town Council Planning Committee on the 6th July, 2017 at Arundel town Hall, Chris had been invited by Cllr.Mark Phillips to tell ATC about plans to make repair 71M section of river wall adjoining Nineveh Shipyard (NS) and No 1 Old Slipway.​(NS consists of 29 houses in centre of Arundel next to river). As with all properties in Arundel the owners are jointly responsible for river wall maintenance under Riparian owner repair obligations.  

It is thought the wall is over 70 years old, the repairs are expected to last 50 years until wall renewal as proposed by the Environment Agency (EA) in their Long Term River Arun Strategy.  Contractors WPH Marine (has a good reputation )have been contracted and instructed by NSRA

The river front garden will be closed late summer for about 12 weeks so WPH can establish a site office remove fences on river front properties in order to lower 8 mm steel plate over side and weld steel plate onto wall, in-fill with concrete, weld on sacrificial anodes, add concrete beam at foot, the total cost is approximately £290,000 

2013-20152 surveys recommended maintenance
12 Jan 2016EA arranged Team Van Oord survey following River Rd wall collapse
20 Jun 2016EA letter to riparian owners – recommending repairs

Approvals Process
Marine Maritime Organisation (MMO) including ecological assessment 
EA – OK if MMO approve
Littlehampton Harbour Board – have approved
Angmering Estate – no approval required
Norfolk Estate – no approval required
ADC – no approval required for repairs
ADC– licence for garden closure 

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