Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Paul with one of the PCSO's that have abolished.
Sussex Police Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne Visited Arundel Town Council recently, residents were able to quiz her on recent rise in petty crime in the town, I asked her 4 questions regarding the possibility of a Community warden for the town and Sussex police partially funding it, despite being in control of the budget for Sussex Police she wouldn’t accept that partially funding a community warden was something she should do.

I am a Conservative Councillor, but I think when it comes to the locality,  party loyalties should be put aside for local interests and I have criticised Conservatives if I feel they have not done the right thing. by the same token I will also defend if I feel any attack is unwarranted.

I always find Katy Bourne bit like Tigger, she bounces in and then bounces out, but there is no real substance in what she says and in Sussex our policing is in a mess.

Katy’s campaign in 2012 was for a bobby in every village, well I would like a booby in every town at least and the scrapping of  Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s) was a retrograde step in my opinion.

When our MP Rt Hon Nick Herbert  was Police Minister he pioneered the concept of PCC’s expecting and hoping that people with real business experience could help change policing and drive innovation.  I wanted to be Sussex Police  & Crime Commissioner and got down to the last 6 in the race to be the Conservative candidate.

I was hoping to introduce Systems thinking that we have used successfully at Arun District Council and that Toyota pioneered to make them more efficient and empower the workforce.  Toyota executives would every week visit a plant, walk the floor, talk to the staff and get ideas for improving production.  They would then have a working lunch and decide on an action plan to feed these ideas into improving productivity.

Cheshire Constabulary have done a similar thing and prior to standing as a candidate I met with the consultants who advised Cheshire Constabulary.  

Sussex Police is very bureaucratic, the Police on the front line are frustrated with the top down Control and Command structure, they would love to be empowered and make decisions on the ground without all the bureaucracy.

Body Cameras, hand held pilot computers would streamline charging suspects and issuing fixed payment fines with video evidence and photos attached to any subsequent charge.

This is the type of innovation we need to cut back office costs and allow more resources on the front line, we need substance and vision not Tigger!  Until next time

Paul Dendle is Arundel & Walberton s Ward member on Arun District Council. Email is cllr.paul.dendle@arun.gov.uk

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