Thursday, 5 April 2018

What's happened to LTRAS (Lower Tidal River Arun Management Scheme)?

If you remember over 5 years ago I lobbied the town council to introduce a flood precept, where as
every year money is raised via the town percept to pay for planned maintenance scheme to protect the town from flooding,

LTRAS project as a whole was estimated to be an eye watering £70M pounds, but the Environment agency did identify a more affordable phase one which would give us 20 years peace of mind and help to maintain the status quo.

The cost of phase one was about £700,000  of work whereas West Sussex County Council would contribute 200,000, Arun District £92,000  the Town Council £64,000  and the environment agency the balance.

The Town Council to their credit has been raising money and has £64,000 in the fund ready for the forthcoming work,  But the environment agency has gone very quiet on the scheme.

There has been delays in doing the LTRAS  Phase 1 work , the delays have been down to two reasons The EA doing a review of the West Bank and  a review of the whole LTRAS project (£70M) to see what savings could be made to bring the cost down in this age of austerity.

But in the meantime the Environment Agency has not been idle and has found £500,000 for maintenance of the low spots, eg the most vulnerable spots, this covers from  just north of Warningcamp to just south of Arundel.   But one of the spots that is not covered is around the Windmill.

So as one of your local Councillors it’s my job to lobby the Environment Agency to come up with some money to ensure that the Windmill area is included.  I have every respect for the officers involved but we just need to ensure that all of  Arundel is secure against flooding in the near to medium term.

The above has nothing to do with the river wall collapse which is affecting the cottages along River Road, the LTRAS scheme is for publicly owned areas only, eg the earth river banks.   Private home owners have Riparian repair responsibilities to maintain the river wall, eg if you own a property along the river you have to repair it, The Nineveh Shipyard residents association are doing that very thing at a cost of approximately £8000 per residence.  The Old Slipway residents have joined in and are paying £22,000 per residence.   So living by the river has its cost.

Until Next Month

Paul Dendle is Arundel & walberton Ward Member on Arun District Council  web address is www.pauldendle.org

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