Thursday, 24 May 2018

Abolish the South Downs National Park Authority

I have always had a problem with the SDNPA, a body set up by the urban elite, stuffed full of Labour Luvies and with no democratic legitimacy.  Yes when was the last time you voted for a representative on the SDNPA?

We now have a situation where the SDNPA have decided to use public money to challenge Highway England’s decision to recommend Route 5a to the Planning Inspectorate, despite 71% of consultee's choosing to go for an off line option and 48% choosing option 5a.

All local District Councils, Town Councils and Parish Councils and the County Council  (except for Walberton Parish who voted against 5a and Lyminster who didn't give a view)  voted for 5a.  so a clear view from democraticly elected representatives.

This decision by SDNPA in a closed meeting (Don't like democracy or transparency do they?) brings into to question their moral authority and the very existence of this elitist authority.

Do we need them, my view is no, we already have too much government, so lets campaign for them to be abolished and save us the tax payer many millions of our money

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