Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Dog Fouling

I know a lot of residents are dog owners and passionate about their dogs, It has been written that there is no greater bond between a dog and it’s owner, but there are a number of irresponsible dog owners and this is evidenced by the number of dog fouling incidents in Arundel and surrounding villages, making life hell for some in our communities. In a recent Arun press release  it was stated that “Arun has some prolific dog fouling problems in some places in the district”

A number of years ago East Hampshire District Council created a robust scheme where they would target Dog Fouling with extra officers using fines received to fund the extra activity, they were so successful that they started to run out of Dog Fowler’s as the irresponsible dog owners started to change their behaviour.

Arun last year made a unique agreement with East Hampshire District Council where as HDC enforcement officers would work for Arun
Aruns Cabinet recently approved the Environment & Leisure Working Group recommendations to use these contracted Environmental Enforcement Officers to enforce dog controls in the district in addition to the existing enforcement of littering and dog fouling offences. The fine levels have also been adjusted for the first time in many years (£100 for dog offences, £80 for littering offences – both reduced if paid within 14 days).
There are additional controls for Dog exclusion areas and Dogs on a lead areas (Like Jubilee Gardens in Arundel)

Of course there is a fine balance in creating a regime that punishes the guilty (Effectively) and gives the freedoms that we all enjoy, part of that is policy forming and the other half is the application of the enforcement, always a tricky issue and very subjective.  We have similar issues in parking enforcement, ideally you want it to be effective but not in your face.

The additional controls that are being enforced by issue of FPN (Fixed Payment notices) are dog exclusions and dogs on leads.

You can access information on Dog Fouling on  Aruns website: www.arun.gov.uk/dog-control, also there will be information sent out by Social Media  and there are In addition new leaflets which can be accessed from Arun Civic Centre in Littlehampton.. Also any queries may be sent to dog.wardens@arun.gov.uk

Until Next Month

Paul Dendle is one of your councillors for the Arundel & Walberton Ward and can be reached on Cllr.paul.dendle@arun.gov.uk. Website www.pauldendle.org

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