Friday, 3 August 2018

South Downs National Park Authority Judicial review

Margaret Paren SDNPA Chairman.
I was not surprised at the recent news that the SDNPA has decided 
to use public money to start a Judicial review to challenge the decision 
made by Highways England to recommend route 5a .

The meeting was held in secret, the anti road campaigners got 
advance notice of that meeting and also got advice of what happened 
at the meeting and knowing the decision before any of the general public, 
eg collusion between the Authority and anti bypass supporters.
 (I have proof on all this)

The reason I wasn’t surprised is because the Chairman Margaret Paren, OBE. 
After taking early retirement became involved in the Campaign for the 
Protection of Rural England (CPRE).  CPRE were paramount in ensuring 
that the SDNPA park border was moved to south of the A27 rather than 
using that as a natural border of the park.

One Arundel has recently carried out a Freedom of information request 
and a huge number of documents have been supplied showing and proving 
collusion between the Park Authority and SCATE and key 
environmental campaigners,

All these documents have now been passed to the Highways Englands 
lawyers to enable them to robustly challenge the Judicial review.

SDNPA had many private meetings with Highways England and were 
kept abreast of the entire consultation process and had plenty of time and 
opportunity to input to that process, so to then turn around and challenge 
the decision that was so widely supported by the local community is 
disrespectful to local feelings.

Margaret Paren has been in position for over 8 years, she is not elected 
but was appointed by the Brown Government back in early 2010.

All local councils (Who have a democratic mandate) at all levels County 
(WSCC), District (Arun & Horsham), Town and Parish have all supported 
route 5a apart from Walberton who were against and Lyminster who were 

So when there is proof that the  Authority has been partisan and has
 been meddling and undermining the will of the local population, 
I think the person at the head of that Authority should take responsibility, 
so Margaret Paren should consider her position.

I believe the SDNPA does not serve the needs of the local population, 
Storringtons air Qaulity is truly awful and has caused by HGV’s rat running
 through the Downs to avoid the Arundel Bottleneck.  It is in the 30 most 
polluted cities (Storrington is not a city but joins many cities in that 
enviable position) 
So you wonder why SDNPA is expending so much energy and public funding
 fighting the HE decision when they should be worrying about the Air Quality
 in Storrington.

Until next month

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