Monday, 24 June 2019

Green future for Arun?

Green blue.

Arun met for the first full council on the 16th
of May,the coalition is now formed, made up
of 22 Lib Dem’s 7 independent and two
Green Councillors. The Conservatives with 21
Councillors  are in opposition and have formed
a group of spokespeople to speak on different
portfolios. I am the spokesperson for the
economy which would include issues like the
Arundel bypass, the Arundel Chord (a rail link
for the Arun valley line to connect for traffic to
the east), economic and business development.

As you know I've always been interested in
protecting the environment I'm a green
Conservative, advocating environmental issues
from a centre right perspective(Green Blue).
I believe there's now opportunity to push
forward policies that help the environment
unlocking changes for the next 20 or 30 years.

There is talk by Arun’s Cabinet of declaring a
Climate Emergency.

My attitude is talk is cheap,rather than pointless
gesture politics by declaring a climate

we need practical policies to make our district

I would advocate that now we have the local
plan we give supplementary guidance to
builders for environmental improvements on
new houses, we should be building houses
with PV solar panels, improved insulation,
community ground source heat pumps and
places forrecycling bins to be stored within
the design.

I’m putting my money where my mouth is and
I have a motion going to full Council on the
17th of July asking the Council to implement
all the above. I fully expect the LibDems to
support the motion, but this will put them to
the test.

I am also advocating for Coastal lagoons to
store tidal water and  generate electricity
at key points in the day at 6pm where you
get a bigger bang for your buck.

We need more cycle paths especially the one
along Ford road and a new car park at Ford
station to utilise an underused asset to reduce
commuting by car.

But as a committed environmentalist I also
support an offline bypass to ensure cars can
drive at the most environmentally beneficial
speed and taking traffic away from our towns
and villages.

As I’m writing this I’m about to attend a
briefing by Highways England regarding the
different routes, the key issue with the Arundel
bypass willbe making sure there's a junction to
the south at Ford road  to alleviate any need
for traffic to go up and down Yapton lane,
also ensuring its far enough away from Walberton.

The Binsted demonstrators have ensured that
Option 3(Pink Blue)  can not now be built as
the Secretary of State can not choose that
route if there is an another route which
sacrifices less ancient woodland.

Until next month
Paul Dendle is one of the Arundel and Walberton
District Councillor on Arun District,
his email: cllr.paul.dendle@arun.gov.uk
and website is pauldendle.org

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