Thursday, 29 August 2019

Arundel Riverbank work coming

River Arun.

The long awaited  £4.7M Arundel river bank repairs 
to the River Road are due to commence in October 
this year, I'm not sure every householder in the 
surrounding area realises the disruption this might 
cause especially to parking places in Arun street.
Work on the scheme is due to start on Monday 
21 October 2019 and will last until 28 May 2020. 
It will comprise 4 separate parts:

a.       River Road – 21 Oct 19 to 28 May 20

b.      Fitzalan Road Wall – 5 Nov 19 to 10 Feb 20

c.       The Embankment near the Southern Water Ford Road 
Pumping Station - 6 Apr 20 to 30 Apr 20

d.      The Embankment at the southern end of Fitzalan Road
– 29 Apr 20 to 20 May 20

The traffic implications of the scheme, particularly regarding 
the access to the River Road works by heavy transport. The 
contractors, Team Van OOrd (TVO), have produced a draft 
transport plan, but although the first version was written in 
February, there has so far been very little local coordination.

Thanks to Town Councillor Tony Hunt and  Derek Waller 
(Town Councils Flood Advisor), they are  trying to ensure 
that the inevitable adverse impacts on the Town’s roads 
and parking arrangements are minimised. Tony and Derek 
had a meeting with the EA and TVO in July in which they 
raised a whole series of points, and I am pleased to say 
that EA and TVO have agreed to re-write the draft 
transport plan.

The objective is to ensure that traffic disruption is avoided 
where possible, whilst accepting that the advantages of this 
£4.7m scheme are too good to miss, especially the River 
Road element.

The main contractors’ site will be in the lower Mill Road 
Car Park, with supplementary sites in the River Road Car 
Park and in Arun Street Garden. As a result, the River Road 
Car Park will be out of use for the duration of the project, 
and there will be parking restrictions in Arun Street and at 
its junction with Tarrant Street. There will also be periodic 
disruption to traffic in Surrey Street as well as in the lower 
end of Tarrant Street. Later on there will inevitably be some 
disruption to traffic and parking in Fitzalan Road and in the 
Malthouse Close car park.

I am highlighting the issue for individual house and car 
owners, as well as the community at large, everyone needs 
to be aware of the project’s implications, eg forewarned is 

Until Next Month, Paul Dendle is the Arundel & Walberton 
District Councillor on Arun District and also the Economic 
Spokesperson for the Conservative group. His email is 

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