Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Arundel Bypass Options and consultation

Well, the ‘anti-bypass’ brigade have 
achieved what we all feared - that is, 
the prospect of a full double carriageway 
through the centre of historic Arundel.  
With the help of the SDPA (South Downs 
National Park) Chairman Margaret Paren, 
OBE and Emma Tristram’s (Binsted) 
judicial reviews, we have the devastating 
threat of a full-blown dual carriageway.

I always thought the mythical purple route 
was a Trojan horse for an online dual 
carriageway when over 70% of the 
population want an offline bypass. 
Highways England (HE) have been less 
than honest in putting forward the two 
online options (Beige and Cyan) as the 
government never asked them for an 
offline solution.  

So my advice to everyone filling out the 
consultation document is put neither when 
asked to choose between Beige and Cyan.

Of the four other routes, the Grey route is 
far too expensive,and more importantly, 
goes too close to Walberton so this seems to 
be an obvious route to reject out of hand.

The Crimson route (old Pink Blue) will 
never get built as it contravenes the 
government's own rules and the Secretary 
of State would not  able to choose this by law.

So that really just leaves two options: 
Amber and Magenta. Looking closely at 
these options, on balance, I would opt for 
Magenta as it skirts the SDNP and only 
sacrifices 3.51 hectares of ancient woodland 
(remember HE have confirmed they would 
plant new trees at a ratio of 8-1 for 
woodland sacrificed) .  

It is not ideal, but it’s the least worst and if 
we can get the junction at Ford Road that 
only caters for south bound traffic to and 
from Littlehampton to protect Yapton Lane 
and Walberton, but also to create enclave 
around Ford Road and surrounding streets 
with no through traffic (ie. no junction to 
the north to Arundel) then I think this 
will get majority consensus across the area.

But the really important thing is that you 
give your views and don’t let the 
malcontents stop the bypass.  

Unfortunately, the Judicial reviews and 
the new consultation has now pushed back 
delivery of the bypass to 2026 (four year 
delay) thanks to the Chairman of
 the SDNPA, Margaret Paren, OBE who has 
successfully avoided public meetings and 
interviews (and is also unelected) and 
worst of all does not think she is subject to 
public scrutiny!
Route Options.

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